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Monday, June 27, 2011

God Needs Men

         "Men whose daily lifestyle is one of taking up the cross and pressing on to perfection, and who are constantly working out their own salvation with fear and trembling"

"Men who are diligent and hard-working, but who also have a sense of humour, and know how to relax and play with children and enjoy God's good gifts in nature,"

"Men who are not stubborn, but gentle, and open to criticism and eager for correction from older and wiser brothers"

"Men who look at things from a heavenly view point and not an earthly one,
Men who will refuse all earthly honours and titles offered them for their labours for God,"

"Men who do not seek their own in any matter,"

 "Men who find their joy in God alone and who are therefore full of the joy of the Lord, having overcome all bad moods,"


"Men who are so deeply rooted in the security of the love of their Heavenly Father that they are never anxious about anything, or afraid of Satan or evil men or difficult situations or anything,"

"Men who have entered into God's rest, believing in the sovereign working of God in all matters for their best and who therefore give thanks always for all men, for all things and in all circumstances,"

 "Men of living faith, who have no confidence in themselves or their natural abilities, but complete confidence in God as their unfailing Helper in all situations,"

"Men who have revelation of the church as the body of Christ (and not a congregation or a denomination), and who give all their energies, their material wealth and spiritual gifts to build that church,"

 "Men for whom God's glory, God's will and God's kingdom always take priority over mere human need and their own comfort,"

God needs Men!

"God's work in the world suffers today, because such men are few in number. Determine with all your heart that you will be such a man for God,

in the midst of a sinful and adulterous generation and a compromising Christendom. Since there is no partiality with God, it is possible for you too to be such a man, provided you yourself earnestly desire to be one. Since God demands commitment and obedience only in the conscious area of one's life, it is possible for you to be such a man, even though the conscious area of your life may be limited. (That area will keep increasing as you walk in the light and press on to perfection). There is no excuse then why you cannot be such a man. Since nothing good dwells in the flesh, we have to seek for grace from God to have the virtues listed above. Cry out to God daily then, that He will give you grace to be such a man in these, the closing days of the age."

Excerpts from Zac Poonen's God Needs Men to read the 
entire article go to

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Stay Close to the Father

Without realizing it we can allow Life to become complicated.

 Surely there is more to my part… I should do something more to help accomplish God’s will for my life.

Doubt creeps in…uncertain steps follow; the heart stops praising. The end for which we strive becomes blurred. 

All the knowledge in the world can’t clear it up… can’t lighten the step or make the heart sing. 

What is there to do in moments like these?

How refreshingly simple is the answer! 
                      Stop DOING.

Just remember to stay close to the Father and He will lead you into the plan for your life.

Pictures taken by Lake Erie encouragement inspired by Linda Falco.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

growing more then just flowers...

A thought has been running around in my head for the past month.

“This summer I’m growing more then just flowers.”

I couldn’t figure it out… What else am I growing? 

Yes, I am growing more then just flowers…vegetables and some herbs, but I knew that wasn't the ‘more’ in my thoughts. 
God wanted me to see something.

I felt His answer come after spending the evening listening to an older woman. 

It’s not what you’re growing-it’s what I am growing in you.

I had only to look at my recent thoughts to see traces of The Gardener’s hands at work.

He was planting convictions.

I was surprised. I thought convictions were things you planted yourself.
But now when I consider deeply, any conviction I have planted has slowly died off.
 What He plants will last-forever.

Yes, He is growing more then just flowers this summer.

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