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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

the overflowing life

I want an overflowing life; I want to be refreshing to those around me.
But where does the overflow come from? That overflow that spills over to revive and refresh…the overflow comes from the fullness within.
 A life full of Christ and empty of me.

As I watch the rain gently fall the Lord shows me the secret to this full and overflowing life.

I set a pitcher out in the rain and watched as it began to fill and then overflow.

I notice how still the pitcher stands gathering in all that water. In it falls drop after drop and I realize it would not be so full and overflowing if it were moving.

In reality pitchers can not move, but people can. We can run around and get soaking wet but never really full. A soaking wet life is not a life that blesses others. You are the only one benefited from that kind of life. 

If we want to live the full life that God intended for His children, we must learn to become still. Even with our outer man busy with daily responsibilities we can find this stillness continually
in our inner man. 

This is the stillness of soul in which the Spirit can minister not only to you, but those around you. 

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  1. Beautiful feelings!! I could have commented on every single post. You do inspire. I love your heart.


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