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About this Blog

Pictures...sometimes they inspire words,other times silence.
This blog is about capturing moments and learning the lessons God will teach through them.

"It is a way of tidying corners of my mind--sweeping fleeting thoughts, ideas and images into piles of random words that become a bit more real, more permanent when I take the time to braid them together into sentences."-Kelle Hampton 

This Blog originally started when some of my brothers and I were challenged to exercise our writing  skills in Blogs on our family picture site back in the summer of 2010. 

I had just finished a personal project of taking 1 picture every day for 365 days, so naturally I reached for the camera. In doing so this Blog was created...the pictures help me to find words for my thoughts. 

Since I've started this little blog there have been many inspirations that have assisted in my continuing it. A friend showed me the beautiful picture blog of Ann Voskamp  , and my brother got me a camera! I am thankful for my family and dear brothers and sisters in Christ whom are often times the inspiration for what I write about.  


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