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Monday, July 18, 2011


There are many people that inspire me but none so continuously as my sister Anna.
She never wakes up on the wrong side of the bed, but greets us every morning with her big grin and tight hug.
While I’m seeing dishes and hearing cars pull up…she’s laughing and clapping and maybe, just maybe… she’s seeing angels. 

Anna has no words to say, only laughter...and looks... and touches- she has taught me this is enough.

Today, on her 22nd birthday she has no expectations. 

I have had plenty… and they have failed but when it’s all said and done I’m grateful.

When Anna came into this world my parents expected a ‘normal’ child. But God saw fit to not give what they expected.
So here I am today-very grateful for what He did not give.
 For Anna and for my failed expectations
His ways are better then mine. 

My sister Anna has Angelmen Syndrome, to learn more about her and the Lessons she teaches us click here.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Looking at the Water

Don't hesitate on the bank today...
Looking at the Water will not refresh you.

Leap the familiar and by faith plunge into what He's provided for you today

"I brought you into a fertile land so you could enjoy its fruits and its rich bounty."...-Jer 2:7

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lessons from a Butterfly

After I took this picture I began to wonder what lesson it was speaking to me. The word REST kept coming to mind and after watching this butterfly a little longer I realized why. 

The butterfly would flutter from flower to flower looking for nutrition, and when it found a source it landed and became perfectly still.

We are told to Rest in the LORD, and wait patiently for him…”
 If we are not resting in the Lord then we’re not getting any spiritual nutrition. 

But how do we rest in the Lord…                                                By ceasing from the works of our flesh and completely trusting Him to provide for all our needs.

 HE has available vast riches of knowledge and grace, we just need to land on them and extract His Life

Written in 09' living it out in 11'

Saturday, July 9, 2011


My adopted Grandpa visited yesterday and found me in the kitchen again (he always seems to walk in when I’m working). He gave me a long look that said “You need to stop working and let someone else take your place. You do too much, and ya’ll have too much company”.
I brushed him off. Said this is what I want, 
here’s some coffee-stay for supper.

But that look bothered me. It was serious, like he really did feel sorry for me. And I don’t want that.

 I live in a home servants.

Joseph mopping the floor 'Martin style' =)

Daniel singing with the children

Dad encouraging the brothers

I fellowship with a Body of servants. 

Brian washing fellowship dishes with the little girls

Rachel serving her family

Kenny doing what he does -so naturally 

I am one in the mist of many servants.

I past him this note the next day.
Dear Grampa,
I don’t know if you fully realize how much I enjoy serving the saints that come into my parents home.
You gave me that look like “you –poor –thing” Here she is cleaning the kitchen again, without the help of certain ‘capable’ people.
I just want to let you know- this is what my hands have found to do, and I am doing it and loving every minute of it.
It’s not a burden, I don’t even consider it hard. If help is offered great (and believe me I have plenty of help) but if help is not offered even better.
Some people think deep down inside it is a sacrifice for me because it’s a sacrifice for them. But it is not a sacrifice for me. Other things are, serving is not. It’s breathing. It’s fun, its normal life.

So don’t feel sorry for me or pat me on the back. Encourage me to serve MORE , give MORE, lay down my life MORE. 

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