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Monday, July 18, 2011


There are many people that inspire me but none so continuously as my sister Anna.
She never wakes up on the wrong side of the bed, but greets us every morning with her big grin and tight hug.
While I’m seeing dishes and hearing cars pull up…she’s laughing and clapping and maybe, just maybe… she’s seeing angels. 

Anna has no words to say, only laughter...and looks... and touches- she has taught me this is enough.

Today, on her 22nd birthday she has no expectations. 

I have had plenty… and they have failed but when it’s all said and done I’m grateful.

When Anna came into this world my parents expected a ‘normal’ child. But God saw fit to not give what they expected.
So here I am today-very grateful for what He did not give.
 For Anna and for my failed expectations
His ways are better then mine. 

My sister Anna has Angelmen Syndrome, to learn more about her and the Lessons she teaches us click here.


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