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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Peace in Faces

As I grow in my personal walk with the Lord I find it increasingly important to stop looking to those near or far to be the moderators of my peace or joy.

If I look for peace in faces...
sometimes, I will not see it.

If I strain to hear joy's energetic notes in voice tones...
sometimes, I will not hear it. 
If I seek security from those around me...
all of that which I think I have found, will easily be blown away.

When I sense I’m beginning to key off the emotion and gusto in the voices around me; causing my peace to leak...or my heart to worry.... I know it’s time to refocus  my eyes to see Him there; always there.

Through that look, beyond that tone of voice.

His expression and tone of voice should be the one I always respond and take action from. 

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